While speaking at a seminar hosted by the FAST University in Islamabad, on the topic of the “Special Technology Zones and opportunities for the youth”, Mr. Hamza Saeed Orakzai who serves as the Director for Planning and Strategic Communications at STZA, highlighted the importance of reversing the brain drain from Pakistan. He called for investments in human capital development, improving the business environment in Pakistan by making it easy for startups and companies to innovate and to produce knowledge workers. He also highlighted the vision of the Special Technology Zones Authority – STZA to convert Pakistan’s youth bulge into a demographic dividend by creating knowledge ecosystems inside the Special Technology Zones across the country. He further stated that – Pakistan being one of the youngest countries in the world has a historic opportunity to change the course of its future – to transform itself from an agrarian economy to a knowledge-driven industrialized economy, by empowering and enabling youth entrepreneurship, innovation, skills development and by providing ease of doing business in the country, and highlighted the role of STZA in creating such a knowledge ecosystem in Pakistan. Furthermore Dr. Aftab Ahmed the Rector of FAST University highlighted the importance of the technology industry being created in Pakistan by STZA. He stated that the knowledge ecosystems being developed in the Special Technology Zones would ensure job and opportunity creation for the youth.