As we undertake the monumental task to make our country a progressive, developed, and modern social welfare state, I challenge you to dream big, work hard towards that vision, and leave the success to Allah SWT and He shall reward. After all, we don’t have to look far from home to witness the extraordinary rise of Shenzhen in China—from a fishing village in the 1970s to a global technology hub today. Why can’t Pakistan follow a similar, if not even better, trajectory to rise to the top as one of the major technology destinations in the world?

Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) is neither a real-estate nor an incubation project, but the driver for value creation through a knowledge-based ecosystem in Pakistan. The innovation clusters will gather talents, capital, technology, and other high-end elements to promote and accelerate the socioeconomic development of Pakistan. It’s a long journey ahead, but we will stay focused on our path with your support and collaboration.